About the Artist

I am a Chilean-born graphic designer and artist living and working in Toronto. I've been a designer working in studios, in-house marketing departments, and freelancing for over 25 years. My interests are in arts and culture, social justice, environmentalism, critical histories, and critical design.

Recently, I have been focused on creating artistsʼ prints using mixed-media collages. My prints are assemblages of different techniques that include drawing, painting, tracing, digital illustration, photography, photo manipulation, and traditional cutting and pasting. Although it's more time-consuming than traditional collaging I enjoy creating the majority of the elements in the pieces using these various techniques. My design process also involves a thorough research and planning stage and each piece can be viewed as a non-linear narrative. As I work I am learning about every individual element of the narrative.

I truly hope you enjoy the work as much as I have enjoyed making it.